Different Types of Flower Vases You Can Buy for Your Interior Design Ideas

Different Types of Flower Vases You Can Buy for Your Interior Design Ideas

There are several types of decoration pieces and fixtures available for interior decoration.  Interior designers find the finest of the pieces to give fine finishes to their interior designs. Some of the interior design materials they pickup would include wall arts, clocks, chandeliers, desktop decoration pieces, photo frames, vases, lighting, plants, rugs, ornamental furniture etc. flower vases are mainstay of interior design ideas and they come in different shapes, materials, styles, and sizes. Flower vase ideas for decorating living rooms, halls, dining rooms, and other places of your homes can be borrowed from the internet or by obtaining information from the internet.

Types of flower vases

Vases can be different and they can be placed on tables, hung on walls, ceilings, or even made to float in the air. Flower vases add the natural element to your interior decoration aspirations and here are a few flower vases you could add to your collection of flower vases for different areas of your home. There are about 14 types of flower vases that you can use for interior or exterior decoration and they are made of

The vase material also influences their placement in a house and how you use them. Most popular vase materials would include glass, metal, steel, brass, aluminum, wood, ceramic or porcelain and more


This is the most common flower vase material and it is timeless flower vase shape and style. In glass vases you can see the water and flower’s stem. For this type of vase you should keep the vase transparent and clean to keep it looking fresh. Frequently changing the water in the vase will help keep it clean and transparent.


It is a break proof option of flower vase and contemporary. These flower vases are made of copper, bronze, iron or steel and aluminum can long for decades. Being metals you will have to keep the clean with frequent maintenance.


This is romantic choice and is idea for keeping long stemmed rose flowers given as a love gift. Crystal vases represent prosperity and luxury and it can enhance the appearance and presence of the flower bouquet in a great way.


Wood made flower vases are not transparent hence stems of flower bouquet cannot be seen. However you can get any type and size of flower vase from wood but should make sure that it is water resistant. This kind of flower vase may come with an interior inlaid with metal.


Ceramic vase can give you variety, color, texture, design and style and can be bought from a collection of hundreds. Unique flower vases can be obtained from this material and they are fun and can decorate your book shelves, entertainment areas and living room spaces.  The pottery material used for making flower vases is ancient and is famous throughout the contemporary world.

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