Levitating Plant Pot Can Be the Center of Attraction in Your Living Room

Levitating Plant Pot Can Be the Center of Attraction in Your Living Room

Contemporary interior decorations have also started to introduce plant life inside rooms. This is a great natural touch and creates a feeling of being among eco-system filled with flora and fauna. Now it has become customary for owners to install potted plants all over their life space. Potted plants are traduced in rooms to produce healthy breathing air. Plants and flowers in their natural form make the rooms unique because you can select from a combination of flowers and plants that are comfortable growing indoors. Among the flower pots and pans, the levitating plant pot has emerged as the latest interior decoration idea that never fails to attract the attention of visitors.

Levitating Pot Plant

What is a levitating plant pot?

Levitating plant can be termed as floating plant pot, air plant pot, magnetic plant pot, or futuristic plant pots.  This is a magnificent invention that never fails to attract eyeballs. Levitating plant pot is suspended in the air using a magnetic field. It is created by magnets placed on the bottom of the pot. The setup is installed with opposing magnet fields or magnets so it appears that the plant pot above the base is floating. The pot can also revolve with the help of moving magnets. You can place the pot anywhere you like because of this and even upside down.

How it works?

A floating flower pot or plant pot is a matter of disbelief and may be related to witchcraft assumed by common people. Actually the floating or levitating plant pots work with a simple scientific theory. Two north poles repulse each other thus create space or void which make you believe that plant pots attached with magnets are floating in the air. They place a strong magnet in the base and another piece of magnet in plant pot. The magnetic force created between these two objects make the plant pot float or hang in the air. If you have seen trains that travel on the magnetic fields instead of rails   the magnetic field created by opposing magnet poles keep the object or potted plant suspended in the air. Manufacturers have come up with an array of levitating plant pots that are great living room decoration but not restricted for other spaces in your room.

This is riveting stuff and you can bet that your guests will be staring at the home décor accessory that at you while conversing. However there are things to be considered while buying levitating plants such as lighter plant pot because heavier pots won’t work as the magnetic field created by the two poles cannot be enough to float the heavy pot.  

The never fading bohemian interior design

Bohemian indoors or boho room décor is now coming back with vengeance and most owners consult their architects in this regard so they make a unique room décor. Bohemian style of interior design combines huge range of pieces that are diverse in shape, color design and purpose. It is as haphazard style of interior decoration that produce stunning results when finished.  Large number of decorative items is involved in creating the Boho design and you can expect the end result outstanding. 

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