Use of Accent Chairs and How They Are Different from Occasional Chairs

Use of Accent Chairs and How They Are Different from Occasional Chairs

Chairs are important interior design accessories that are placed in almost all areas of your home. You will find chairs in living room, foyer, dining room, bedroom, front yard, backyard and other places where you would like to sit and spend some time. However not all chairs can be placed everywhere as they have certain limitations such as a modern accent chairs for living room. They cannot be placed in front yard or lawn because accent chairs are ornamental and costly. They are meant for decorating living room, reception or recreation areas.

There are two classes of chairs that you would commonly find in homes and they are accent chairs and occasional chairs. The second one is your regular chair that you use routinely and they are mostly non-ornamental and cheaper. They are made from wood or steel frame and are most used by house owners. They can be placed anywhere in your house including your exteriors.

Accent chairs

These are single seat chairs that are made up with wood material, cushions or pads. They are manufactured in eye catching style and are always the focal point of the room where they are placed. Accent chairs add beauty and elegance to your living rooms and is an additional seating option when you run out of seating while receiving too many guests.  They are made with finest upholstery materials, cushions and long lasting woods or metal frame. An accent chair will unite all interior decoration elements with their bold colors, designs and placing. They can be bought according to the space available in your rooms or can be customized to suit your whims. While buying accent chair you must ensure that the color scheme of the accent chair is blending with the existing interior decoration elements or scheme of the room.

Occasional chairs

Occasional chair is an accent chair which is regularly used. They are standalone furniture pieces that can be added to create extra seating. It can be an arm chair or without arms. It can have an upholstery or without it. You can place cushion on such chairs and make them cozier and comfortable. Modern occasional chairs are matched with the sofa sets you have in your living rooms and stylish occasions chairs are available from manufacturers. You can move the occasional chairs around to transport them to different areas of your household. Like accent chairs occasions chairs do not have to match with the rest of the ambience or interior design theme. They are stand alone chairs that have more utility value because they can be moved around a bit.

Whatever types of chairs you choose make sure that it is purpose built and make great decorative and utility furniture to prove their worth.

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